Harvester-loader for Valerian or similar vegetables
Harvester-loader for Valerian or similar vegetables FR 38 SPECIAL
Work width
120 / 180 cm
Engine power
30 HP

Harvester-loader for picking up of valerian or similar vegetables either in glasshouses or on the field.

Fitted with hydrostatic drive, 4-wheel drive, that is electronically controlled by a multi-function joystick with adjustable work speed and a stop and pre-set speed automatic resumption device; during picking up, the machine can move forward autonomously thanks to an automatic driving system.
Hydraulically-controlled steering with steering wheel.
The mowing bar is outfit of a special blade profile to work also under the ground level.
The cutting height adjustment can be controlled either by electronic sensors or hydraulically; both solutions guarantee perfect and total work height control without damaging or mistreating the crops and the ground.
The picking-up belt is fitted with adjustable work speed and complies with the different standards in force for foodstuffs.
The machine is equipped with a multi-function dashboard to control all the movements and functions.

Work width: between a minimum value of 1.20 m and a maximum value of 1.80 m.
Engine power: 30 HP.


  • Work headlamps
  • Enlarged ground light
  • Large wheels
  • Conveyor ends
  • Shady roof
  • Windproof net
  • Sorter table
  • Telescopic dumping belt kit
  • Side dumping belt kit
  • Harvesting kit with bins
  • Customised colour

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