Harvester-loader for industrial vegetables and medicinal herbs
Harvester-loader for industrial vegetables and medicinal herbs FR 148 SPECIAL
Work width
225 / 310 cm
Engine power
140 HP

This machine has been conceived for the harvesting of industrial vegetables, spinach type, and medicinal herbs.

Fitted with hydrostatic drive, 4-wheel drive, that is electronically controlled by a joystick and steering gear with hydraulic steering and steering wheel. The mowing bar is double, the blade is hydraulically operated in two different sizes. The cutting height adjustment is controlled by a hydraulic device, which guarantees perfect and total work height control without damaging or mistreating the crops and
the ground. The cutting equipment weight can be adjusted making it lighter or heavier so as to better adapt it to each type of product. The loading system could be conceived with rubber belt or re-entering springs; the rubber belt complies with the rules in force for the foodstuffs and it is suitable for short leaf vegetables type spinach, parsley or basil. The re-entering springs are suggested for long leaf or voluminous products like medicinal herbs or chamomile. The machine is equipped with a multi-function dashboard to control all the movements and functions directly from the driver’s seat; fitted with closed soundproof cab with air recirculation. The loading bin can be lifted up to 4.10 m and is fitted with a chain with studs to unload the product directly into the trailer.

Work width: Mt. 2,25 or Mt. 3,10
Engine power: 140 HP Turbo.


  • Air conditioning
  • Dump roller with unloading chain feeding automatic device
  • Customised colour
  • Mowing bar, double blade 225-310Z cm
  • 1 row lavender kit

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