Range of horticultural machines

Complete line of self-propelled harvesters-loaders for harvesting every type of aromatic and medicinal herbs and leafy vegetables.
Some examples: spinach, lavender, lettuce, salad, parsley, aromatic herbs, melissa, rosemary, helichrysum, thyme, chamomile, basil, nettle, sage, rocket salad etc.

De Pietri specializes in the design and production of self-propelled harvesters-loaders and equipment for the harvest of aromatic herbs, greens and fresh vegetables from the fourth range and those for industry.
Harvesting machines built for the specific needs of the customer and the type of product to be collected.

All De Pietri harvesting machines are the result of research, study and experience gained by the company in the horticultural sector, since 1960.
Harvesting machines for horticulture that guarantee great solidity and durability over time, perfect execution of work operations and maintenance of the high quality of the harvested product.